The following stories you are about to read are events and experiences that have shaped and will continue to shape who The Born Brothers Gang are.



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July 28th, 2020 Who Sent You

I was walking along the streets of Saint Denis on a cold and dark night. A man with a somewhat Mexican accent had told me to travel to a certain location. He looked like one of those innocent Mexican citizens, so I didn't question it. He explained to me that there was a Del Lobo hiding in an alley near the poor side of town. What got me to go was the fact that he had said that he had taken part in the killing of my family. With rage in my mind and a recent sharpened knife in my right hand I rode from the desert to Sain Denis. It was a long ride that took me four days and three nights. During my ride I got to kill every Del Lobo that was stationed in Thieves Landing. It was a massacre...blood everywhere.. ...  There was a storm that day.. It washed away all the blood on the floor and removed most of the blood on my shirt and my machete. I was ready to confront this bastard and torture him like he tortured my family..and me for all of these years.

Once I arrived, I walked to the gunsmith and stocked up on ammo. I later went to this hidden black market called a fence and got myself some throwing knives. This fence was located in a shady alleyway, a pretty nice place to get robbed..When it got dark I made my way to the location, as I was walking I saw this man that looked like a contracted killer. He was following me at a distance, but close enough for me to realize that he was acting quite shady. Once I entered the alleyway no one was there and the same shady guy entered with me... at that point I realized that the man had lied and this was an ambush planned by the Del Lobos to take me out.

The man entered with a hatchet and I took out my knives...he charged at me and I dodged one of his blows..but the next one got me pretty good in the arm. He was slow with the hatchet and I was faster with the knives..I Slashed him up pretty good before driving my knife into his stomach, but with even more rage than the last guy. I ran to my horse and tried to ride away. I got stopped by two more killers. What they didn't know was that I was trained in the art of calvary combat by an elite leader, Chesmu. I took out my machete and charged at him on horseback taking out his horse before making another pass to take him out. The other one was trying to throw me off of my horse, but instead got a machete to the face twice..Once they were both dead I made my escape using the tran tracks and back to find the man that tried to lead me into my death. It was a his turn to feel my wrath.