The following stories you are about to read are events and experiences that have shaped and will continue to shape who The Born Brothers Gang are.


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July 20th, 2011 - 'Allied Conquest'

            Today we helped our Ally The Revolutionary Warriors against The Mexican Army who challenged them to a war, since Beast couldnt attend he sent in his Honorable Chief Born Homicidal along with Darkninja and Eather to help out. Once we arrived to the session The Mexican Army had a huge defense in El Presidio where they had all their members and cannons fully loaded, some of The Revolutionary Warriors were taken down but they managed to take out their snipers and cannons with their recon team. Homicidal took his men and lead them around the base to sneak inside and take the remaining members out.


              Once the base was taken both sides fought to take over the stronghold. TRWxMINIMAN decided to make the limit up to 3000 points (this was decided when both groups were fighting for highest score/ around a tie) We finally got a break and let with more than a thousand points ahead but one of The Mexican Army guys decided to glitch but after a complaint their leader itzwade67 told him to stop. Finally The Borns and Warriors reached 3000 but decided to go more but TRW's  leader had to leave so we ended it around 3200 points with a Victory. Itzwade67 show great respect and Honor when he admitted to defeat and gave good sportsmanship after, we thank him for that. The allied party celebrated for another great Victory between the two Great Allies.

July 29th, 2011 - 'The Meeting'

               The Black Faction realized how deadly we were after going to war with us and asked for an alliance, Born A Beast and the leader of The Black Faction agreed for an alliance meeting today, Born A Beast, Born Homicidal, Born Defiant, and Defiant's calvary member were at the meeting today, The Black Faction brought the leader, co leader and a bodyguard, at first the meeting was going well, than the leader of The Black Faction says "we are allied with the Undead Raiders and enemies with The Black Hand.


                Without hesitation i gave my brothers the sign to take all 3 Black faction members out, Born Homicidal instantly shot their leader in the head off the draw, Born Defiant than put 2 shotgun shells in their bodyguard, while Defiant was reloading, the co leader of The Black Faction flips around blasting his semi-auto shotgun at Born Defiant, as Defiant's life was at risk, his calvary member (Born A Phsyco) ran in guns blazing at The Black factions co leader, the co leader finally fell to the ground without a breath left, The Black Faction was an example...The Black Hand and The K.O.A.R. our with us, and thats not going to change.

July 31st, 2011 'Don Quits/NCR's Fall'

TRW calls upon assistance from The Born Brothers to help him defeat the NCR once again, 3 men were sent after discussing the matter at hand (we havent renewed our alliance with them since Viper 410 left) but we decided to help them Defiant, Mayney and Phsyco joined the battle and were alone at Mcfarlanes ranch while TRW was in Tall Trees, the NCR ambushed our men in Mcfarlanes but they were putting up a fight due to the lack of skill that the NCR members have, TRW was nowhere to be found for a long time due to his men not following orders, they were disorganized throughout the whole battle except for Hellranger who was a major player in TRW's clan.


The battle went on for a while until finally the leader of the NCR abandoned his men and they admitted defeat. Don sent a message to TRW's leader admitting defeat and saying he was resigning as the NCR leader and that Wheelz NCR would be the new leader. One of our sources say that he was quitting due to the stress in the video game with his clan and other clans as well, Don is pathetic and he brought all the stress to himself and made his clan one of the most hated in Red Dead

August 2nd, 2011 'Born Defiant's WarSong'

   Well, today marks yet another day of war and bloodshed between the NCR and the BBMC. Another typical relentless war between adversaries. It started off being Neutral. No NCR members were in me and Crushin's game. There were two rivaling posse's in the game engaged in battle. We didn't pay much attention to them however even though they did have members of rival clans on their friends lists; no orders were given, however it was obvious this wouldn't last long... 

British NCR a high ranking enemy of our mortal enemies then joined the game and joined one of the posse's present in the battle. This came to my attention and the news was brought to our leader. The orders were obvious so they were not spoken. Born A Beast proceeded to join our game. When this happened British decided to bring in more members typical of their pathetic tactics. We decided to confront the NCR in EL Presidio. Me, Crushin, and Beast came to a halt as they began to charge at us full speed, guns blazing. The orders were givin to me and Crushin.. One member of the NCR was sniped, clean off his horse by Born Crushin while another NCR member met the end of my double-barreled shotgun to mark the true beginning of legendary warfare.

 As the battle raged on, and our score continued to rise British (Like all NCR scum often do) began to invite random fighters to his posse in a desperate attempt  to gain the edge in a battle clearly not going his way. By the peak of this battle British had a legion of 7 members in his posse as we gained one potential villager to our posse making us a posse of 4. Clearly outnumbered, (for still unkown reasons) the Born Brothers continued to battle on. We ended up victourious after passing British's unorginized, non-loyal posse's score. British then fleed from the battle and the game to go play call of dut black ops.. after noticing his posse had been defeated by the BBMC once again. Our leader was unable to get a picture of the score due to how quick the NCR scum left.

 However, this isn't anything new. The NCR, although big has not once been able to take us down. The longer this continues the stronger we grow and the bigger we become. We have proven countless times that our numbers matter very little when our level of skill, experience and pure honor is where it is. I expect nothing but the best from my men. And that is clearly all I have seen thus far.

 The moon is is indeed demanded. Another battle..belonging only to the memory of few..but etched in history...forever.