The following stories you are about to read are events and experiences that have shaped and will continue to shape who The Born Brothers Gang are.


September 2nd, 2019 'Whiskey's Last Ride'

We were camping at Lake Isabella, the snow littered the ground and the cold air was sharp. Uncas blessed us with an appearance tonight and we celebrated with the entire crew, it was special. I, myself, have had quite the day. A successful stagecoach ambush via a special dynamite trap I constructed. Chesmu also gave me the privilege of tossing a Murfree leader off of a bridge. It was a great night, and we were hitting the whiskey hard. But as the festivities were ending, MacIntire began brooding by the fire with an intense focus, he was getting this look in his eye. We all knew there was a likely O’Driscoll hideout nearby, and as the night air became quiet, I could hear faint gunfire and screams in the distance, I realized the reason for the Revenant's disposition.

Everyone but Shadow Wolf, MacIntire and I were asleep already. And the noises were almost too distant to make out. We were sitting at the fire, and Mac just wouldn’t stop staring at the flames. He finally said “I’ll be back”, he was gone for 2 minutes before I told Shadow Wolf to get his guns, I knew exactly where he had gone.


      We could hear the gunshots clearly now, we could see the bodies left rotting in MacIntires wake. He had decided to take on the O’Driscoll camp by himself. Shadow Wolf went to flank the camp as I made my way towards towards Mad Ram, leaving Whiskey behind and continuing on foot. I was able to catch up to Mac, but the O'Driscolls outnumbered us 10 to 1. Shadow is handling himself, but there was no way he’d get to us in time. We couldn't even take a look without bullets flying towards us. When we thought we had an opening we made a run for it, but I took a bullet above my knee, I couldn’t walk. Two of the O'Driscolls closed in on me when Macintire rushed in waving his machete. He slashed one deep in the neck, the blood spilled out as he fell to the ground, his eyes were filled with fear as they locked with the Revenant's cold stare. He stuck the other one in the gut, intestines wrapping around the machete as he pulled it back through. A sniper shot filled the air, and I saw Macintire grip his shoulder and fall to a knee. Three men now approached us, guns drawn. The Revenant defiantly rose up to face the three when out of nowhere Whiskey, my father’s all-black American Standardbred, came charging into battle. He trampled one of the men before turning his back to, and kicking the other one in the teeth. As the third man turned his shotgun onto Whiskey, Mad Ram rose up behind him and slit his throat. We mustered up enough strength to pull ourselves up onto Whiskey, and rode out. The gun shots rang out as we made our getaway. Then, I heard the most heartbreaking sound of my life. Whiskey let out a cry as the sniper had put a hole in him. He almost fell over, he was favoring his front right leg where he got shot. But that tough bastard didn't quit. The gunfire was endless, I could feel the bullets piercing my

 horse, who had been my only constant for so many years. We rode harder than we ever had. Eventually the fire stopped, and Whiskey collapsed.  As Whiskey lay there I dropped to my knees. My heart had been ripped out of my body. A fear that had always been in the back of my mind, seemed to be coming to fruition.

Shadow Wolf had made it out and back to us. Whiskey didnt look like he would be so lucky. Of all the things I’ve seen in my life, the sight of Whiskey covered in blood and bulletholes...his beautiful black coat stained with his own blood. With my blood. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't do anything. If there was a gun to my face, I don’t think I would have the fight in me to to do a thing about it..

All I could think about were the 17 years I had spent with Whiskey. From helping my dad raise and train him, to learning to ride myself. I spent hours a day with that horse on the farm. All the nights on the road alone, just him and I. Whiskey, the only connection to my parents and childhood that I have. I remember reading in the field by ranch, underneath the apple tree, where Whiskey would stay right beside me. I remember nights where I would sneak out to the stable to keep Whiskey company; I would talk to him for hours, and would sometimes spend the nights in there with him. I remember traveling the Great Plains with my dad, Whiskey hauling the wagon..It was such a peaceful, happy time. If only I could have given Whiskey a life not filled with violence. Where he could have been a normal horse on a ranch. Where he didn't have to have his life be so viciously ripped from him. He was everything to me. My only friend, really.

As I lay beside his dying body, all I could do was thank him for everything he’d done for me, for my family, and for my brothers. For 7 years Whiskey has been right there beside me, ever since we road out the night of my mother's murder. As I held back my tears, I told him how he’s my best friend in the world and how we wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for his sacrifice. I felt emptiness inside of me, I just wanted to lay there with him, have this be some kind of nightmare. I kissed him on the nose and told him, “Til we meet again, brother. I love you.” And I stuck my knife into his heart to end his suffering..

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August 10th, 2019 'Jack's Ghosts Revisited'

            One night, Chesmu and I were strolling through the swamps of Lemoyne, when he noticed what looked like the gang hideout of the Lemoyne Raiders. The camp was covered by the dark looming shadows of the trees and protected by gator infested swamps. I met his eyes and I knew we were thinking the same thing: this is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

             Chesmu instructed me to flank the hideout and we went in. At his signal I threw dynamite into their fire, blowing pieces of the four men surrounding it in every direction. Hot, thick blood splattered against my face and gunfire erupted, breaking the calm quiet of the night. Chesmu weaved effortlessly through one side of the hideout. His knife painted with blood. I watched as it caught an unlucky bastard and ripped his intestines from his body. He fell to his knees, his hands cupping his insides. We killed them all easily, without repercussions. As I pocketed my guns, and Chesmu wiped the blood from his knife on his last kill, a scream erupted from a nearby shack. I had heard many women scream in my time on the road, but this one sounded different - familiar. I felt my stomach curdle. My mind drifted to my mother, and the bank, and her pleading. The blood dripping from his knife. The bullet settling itself in his throat. Chesmu’s hand rested momentarily on my shoulder. I felt his understanding and empathy, and I felt stronger knowing he had my back.


              As we approached the shack Chesmu quickly turned to me and whispered “Roberts”. Stan Roberts was a high-ranking member of the Lemoyne Raiders, and was wanted for kidnapping and robbery. This was more of a catch than we could have expected when we happened upon this gang. He was raping a woman with long red hair and blood leaking from her mouth. She screamed again, and we moved. Chesmu catapulted through the door and struck the surprised man hard in the mouth with his fist. I took a handful of the man's hair and pulled him backwards hard. He fell from the girl onto the floor at my feet. I kicked him hard in the ribs twice. My eyes drifted to the women. She was striking, and her eyes were green. My mother’s eyes were green. My mind drifts to her, lying beneath the man while he forced himself into her, over and over for years. I felt the familiar fire burn in my stomach. Chesmu covered the woman with a blanket and collected her in his arms, assuring her that he meant her no harm. In my daze Roberts had escaped from the shed.


                 “Go”. Chesmu’s voice was cold and hard. I turned from the shed and followed the man into a house near the gang’s campsite. He had locked the wood door, which I broke through easily. I was expecting a fight, but found the coward crouched against a wall, hiding in shadows. I feel the hot rage I felt when my mother’s last scream reached my ears. The rage I have never seemed to learn how to control. I hear the gunshot that ended her killer’s life. I want to mutilate this man. I want to cut every limb from his body and watch the blood drain from him. Roberts must see the danger in my eyes because he starts pleading with me for his life. I want to kill him, but don't. The brothers helped me control my temper, I don’t kill for sport anymore, especially a man who has thrown down his guns and submitted. Then my mind jumps to him straddling the fighting girl, who was pleading just as he is now. He didn’t spare her, why should I spare him? He put that poor girl though a hell that she will revisit for the rest of her life. He wasn’t going to get away without a scratch.

                Chesmu appeared in the doorway.

               “You alright, brother?” Chesmu has always looked after me since I joined the brothers. He knows how fucked up my past has made me, and he knows exactly what this situation has the potential to push me to.
               “Yeah, brother. I got you a present”. I nod my head in the direction of the cowering man.
               “Fuck no.” He shakes his head sympathetically with vengeance in his eyes.

               “This one is yours. Do as you will.” He nods, and I make my way back into the house. I turn to the man, now shaking with fear. He begs, his voice wavering, tears streaming down his cheeks. I smile at him. I will not let him have a quick death.
                “Hey” he says struggling to keep his voice even.

                “Gonna let me be?”
                “Sure” I reply. I toss a fire bottle at him, and watched as he burst into flames. In that very moment...all i saw was fire and the floor boards beneath my feet.... nothing more.


February 9th, 2019 'Unknown Hostility'

              My Brother Chesmu and I were enjoying a night out in Saint Denis. He had been spending the night showing me the various areas of the city that had made him the man he was. He finally told me the story about how he got his scars..I'll never forget it..he made me understand that this place holds threats far more dangerous than any forest. Out of nowhere we are shot at from the other side of the street. Chesmu ran straight for the unkown attacker and managed to take him to the ground, I was right behind him I knew Chesmu wanted the Glory of ending this mans dishonorable life so i crouched down to give words of encouragement, unfortunately the attacker jammed his finger into the bullet wound that grazed Chesmu from the attack causing him to free himself.

            The assailant thought he managed to get the upper hand but I grabbed him from behind and punched him until his Ribs broke to pieces, Chesmu pulled out his Knife and proceeded to slice the man's entire body. He gave me the order of letting this pathetic man bleed to death from his gushing wounds.

            We decided to head back to the Gunsmith to clean his blade when we saw the man once again struggling to make his way to us, we just watched as we respected his commitment and will to fight even when he was leaving a trail of insides along his path. He eventually opened fire on us and the instinct of protecting my brothers overcame me, I ran down the walkway and shot him, he had enough energy to try and run away which threw me off guard, however i managed to gain my composure and landed all of my shots into the back of this man. Even then he was a strong one he fell to the ground squirming around a complete slaughtered mess, his blood painted the streets and walls of Saint Denis; Chesmu's home as he grew into the man he is now, I knew I had to clean this city from the vermin so i walked up to him with a Molotov in hand. The man was hoping for a quick merciful death but I could not forgive him for his actions. I threw the fiery bottle and walked away alongside my Brother as he burned to death. We continued our night off into Saint Denis moving on from this threat of Unknown Hostility.

-Wahkan Makostah

February 3rd, 2019 'Assassin's Vengeance'

                  The following day after killing the trickster up by Ridgewood Farm we gathered ourselves and woke up to a warm vibrant day. We figured we needed to get out of the area for a while as someone was gunning for us. As i was ready to purchase a ticket for the stagecoach I heard a dispute between a potential prospect known as Bussey, and our Warchief Declan. Apparently Declan remembered Bussey from a night of his usual tavern visits, Bussey was a part of a gang known as the Vaughn who had lost a huge bet in a game of Poker to Declans Irish charm and demeanor.

                  The leader of the Vaughn gang had Bussey follow us around in order to track our every move and give the assassin from the night earlier our location, Bussey fearing for his life immediately ran away shooting at the lawmen causing complete chaos. Lawmen were after us assuming we were a part of the shooting we were trying to make our escape as my brothers and sister were trying to hold them back, until out of nowhere Gwen was shot, in the distance was the Vaughn leader cheering with pride, Gwen bleeding Chesmu immediately ran for her and took her to safety as I walked away from the stagecoach station I ignored all shots from the Lawmen and gazed my eyes on to the assailant, he continued firing down and to my surprised killed his rat of a friend Bussey. Without hesitation i pulled out my Rifle:shooting; a clean headshot ending his reign of terror. I quickly made my retreat.

            As I tried to get away from Tumbleweed I heard screams from above hearing the words "my brother!" I immediately knew that there were more of them, I ran towards a near bridge to meet him and truly finish off their legacy, we finally ran into each other and I saw this man who looked exactly like the first man I killed, "was he a spirit?" i asked in my internal thoughts, but with no time to dwell i pulled out my Revolver and shot him in the head just as i did before hand. His lifeless body remained it seemed as if it were an Omen of darkness. My brother Delcan comforted me and explained that these two were twin brothers. In a sigh of relief i understood, I have never came across what people call Twins before it was all new to me as many things were in this new world we live in. It truly was a sad Assassins Attempt at Revenge, now they are all dead.

-Wahkan Makostah

February 2nd, 2019 'Cold Night of Brutality'

                           My Brothers, sister and I were enjoying a calm night in a desert farmland looking to pitch up our tents to get a goods night rest. Out of nowhere we heard gunshots, eventually coming to the stop. Declan our prestigious Warchief could hear a faint sound of a man crying in anguishing pain and in need of help. My brother decided he could not rest until he investigated and scouted out this screeching sound of fear that was engulfing the peaceful night. He insisted that his job was to keep us all safe and that it was his duty even if it meant death, I could appreciate this mans loyalty and honor so i remained quiet as he walked the path ahead in order to try and help this man as Declan was an honorable one.

                         I could not allow a brother of mine to go on ahead without some proper backup if needed as i had a gut feeling it may have been a trap, I yelled out to our devoted sister Gwen and told her to come and join me on a ride. She immediately hopped on my horse Kali without hesitation with no questions asked. As we rode up not even half way Declan saw the man, pointing a weapon towards him, before he could even finish waving at the man he was shot. Declan has a keen eye so he immediately dove out of the way. Fueled by Anger Gwen grunted out a huge roar in which reminded me of my trusted Spirit Bear Nola. The feeling of pure adrenaline rushed through my veins, a feeling i have adapted and welcomed during my times of war. I knew what was on Gwens mind and I too shared this feeling of anger. I rode past Declan with purpose and with no questions asked or thoughts other than pure Rampage due to this man's attempt to take out one of our own. I finally had a view of this man, he was crouched behind his injured horse, i could tell this man had no respect and was coward using his defenseless horse as cover. I immediately aimed down my sights and shot off two rounds successfully downing him, was unsure if i had completed the job or not as my horse jumped over the fallen one causing my aim to slightly shift.

                       Gwen and I dismounted Kali and saw her pull out her signature blade in order to finish off the pathetic man. Unfortunately for her I was able to kill this man with my two rounds. He thought his horse a great trick, as it got up and ran off, it was playing dead. Was an astounding moment as it was truly effective. Gwen walked up to the body and found a letter asking for Declan's death; An Assassin sent to kill him. I saw the look on Gwen's face as she leaned over with her blade. The imagery and remains of this man are too much to be spoken about and they are ones I will keep to myself as they are too graphic for words. He deserved it and I encouraged it, No one threatens my family..... no one.

This truly was a Cold Night of Brutality.
-Wahkan Makostah
-Wahkan Makostah

January 30th, 2019 'Peace Among Bloodshed'

                I was always one to admire and respect the beauty of the motherland who blessed us with land, water, skies, and wonderful creatures in which we lived as one. Although I have known nothing but War and death for years as part of my Tribe and even now with my new founded family killing those who deserved nothing but to pass on to the next life where they would no longer cause harm or endanger these lands, i too miss the days where we could just gracefully roam and be inspired, be awed, and be in perfect harmony in everyday life with the wilds.

                               As I was riding my gorgeous horse named Kali during my visit to my former lands in Tall Trees which was now an astounding majestic Lake in which flows down the mountain terrain into a nearby river. I came upon a Buck Elk grazing the long grass, it was not startled nor was it feeling in any danger as it has not experienced the horrors that come with this new lands of endless bloodshed and needless slaughter of the innocent creatures in which we must coexist with. I sat there with my Springfield aimed down the sights, once it saw what my intentions may have been the innocent animal ran off into the distance. Admiring its beauty and seeing deep into its eyes, I realized I have lost my way, Although my new family gives me comfort, brings peace to my spirit. The struggle to live and adapt to a newly found war of destruction and death has made me forget some of my roots in which we must only kill these innocent creatures that the mother earth has created and only take their life as a great sacrifice to help us survive, not for profit nor greed.


                                 I vowed from this day on to never kill an animal without proper cause as I would have in my former days and give prayers as i bury their heart in order to allow them to find peace in the afterlife as well as the next. Sometimes we must stop and just let the world around us thrive in its own way, we don't always have to pull the trigger in order to feed our pockets, or to gain, sometimes we must sacrifice a good comfort such as a good meal and rest, to honor these lands, to truly appreciate all life especially those that may not be able to speak their minds to us. 

                            I  am glad that I was so captivated by this wonderful giant, that It caused me not to pull the trigger. We all have the Power to give life rather than take it, we don't always have to take it away. There is always a way to find Peace during needless bloodshed.

January 28th, 2019 'Wrath of the Praetor'

It was a hot day and I had a lot on my mind. I was reflecting on the life that i've chosen to live. Whether or not i'll die at the hands of some gunslinger or some new disease coming to kill the weak and frail. I got word from Sean that he had come across a couple "gunslingers" in a saloon the previous night. He said that they were extremely interested in myself and the gang that i run with. Said they were spouting off all kinds of crazy notions like removing my head from my shoulders as my brothers watched. Instead of killing them himself, he decided to leave the pair of them for me and my gang. It was definitely a gift i plan to repay someday.

As I approached the last known location of the offenders in question, it was clear to me that these weren't 2 ordinary gunslingers. They had managed to secure a defensible position in a house on the beach and were giving my brothers quite a fight. It was a shock to me mainly because my brothers are very deliberate in their approach when it comes to situations like this. Not too often are they prevented from taking care of their business. I knew with people like this, a different approach would be needed to get the job done.


I decided to approach them, guns holstered and non threatening..As they looked at me through their front window, it was as if they knew why I was there. Before that moment, in their minds, this was just a fight for survival against random strangers. After seeing me, they knew it was much more than caused them to seize fire as I approached the front of the house. My brother, Declan quickly runs up beside me, he waves at the onlookers as if to lure them into a false sense of security. I had no intentions myself of trying to play such they notice this i see them retreat deeper into the house. I continue my approach to the front door which i've noticed they've left cracked open, as if to invite us in.


As i walk through the front door, i see them, a man and a woman hiding tucked away in the bedroom of the house with guns drawn. The man shoots me in the arm as i quickly run by the dining room and take cover. As i'm doing this, my broher Declan charges into the bedroom with no fear or hesitation and tackles the woman to the ground. I quickly follow behind him and get into a tussle with the man whom had made too many mistakes.. My other brother Wakhan then storms into the room ready to help me, i tell him and Declan not too. This was personal, i wanted his life for myself.

After my brothers and I were done with them in the house, they decided that they wanted to take vengeance on us. I picked up my hat and proceeded to walk outside to the sounds of more shots and my brothers taking cover from heavy fire. Without hesitation, i drew my pistol and killed the man running toward me at full speed, i then quickly turned my aim towards the woman who was a good distance away from us and dropped her in the time it takes to blink. This matter was finally taken care of for good, we rode on.


January 22nd, 2019 'Person of Interest'

Today my brothers and I were ambushed by O'driscolls on the road north of Strawberry. As i rode ahead to scout, one stood blocking the path on his horse, immediately shouting threats and that he would gladly take us to Colm himself. He pulled out his weapon but I was quicker to the draw, blowing his jaw off his face with my volcanic pistol. Praetor Chesmu and Commissar Wahkan followed up behind with weapons at the ready. Soon 10 more were upon us and a full firefight broke out, I took many hits and almost fell in battle until taking cover off of the road. After reloading I felt the bloodlust and rushed out from the trees at full speed with sawn-off and pistol drawn in both hands and put 5 more O'driscoll filth down in the dirt. As I saw another with the high ground attacking our Commissar I brandished my father's cleaver and ran up the hill, getting the drop on him. Before he knew it I gutted him in full view from the clifftop and saw Wahkan below finishing his target. That seemed to be the last of them.

Chesmu tells me he has the last one hogtied, and he says he knows me... I turned with my bloodsoaked cleaver and walked over. Sure enough my brother lays the scum at our feet, and he's as rabid as a filthy dog. By the looks of him he was a senior officer, quite possibly one who hunted and betrayed my father when I was just a boy. He cries out in rage mocking us and says "Your father should have put you down!" Upon hearing his words, the fury almost boiled over within me when realizing who he was, but I came back to the moment at hand. I calmly cut his ropes, allowing the coward to run in fear and I put 1 spreadshot slug in his legs, ripping them to shreds as he fell down the hill. I followed him down as he screamed and put another in his skull for good measure, leaving nothing to identify the body... We rode on. 

- Macintire

August 2nd, 2011 'Born Defiant's WarSong'

   Well, today marks yet another day of war and bloodshed between the NCR and the BBMC. Another typical relentless war between adversaries. It started off being Neutral. No NCR members were in me and Crushin's game. There were two rivaling posse's in the game engaged in battle. We didn't pay much attention to them however even though they did have members of rival clans on their friends lists; no orders were given, however it was obvious this wouldn't last long... 

British NCR a high ranking enemy of our mortal enemies then joined the game and joined one of the posse's present in the battle. This came to my attention and the news was brought to our leader. The orders were obvious so they were not spoken. Born A Beast proceeded to join our game. When this happened British decided to bring in more members typical of their pathetic tactics. We decided to confront the NCR in EL Presidio. Me, Crushin, and Beast came to a halt as they began to charge at us full speed, guns blazing. The orders were givin to me and Crushin.. One member of the NCR was sniped, clean off his horse by Born Crushin while another NCR member met the end of my double-barreled shotgun to mark the true beginning of legendary warfare.

 As the battle raged on, and our score continued to rise British (Like all NCR scum often do) began to invite random fighters to his posse in a desperate attempt  to gain the edge in a battle clearly not going his way. By the peak of this battle British had a legion of 7 members in his posse as we gained one potential villager to our posse making us a posse of 4. Clearly outnumbered, (for still unkown reasons) the Born Brothers continued to battle on. We ended up victourious after passing British's unorginized, non-loyal posse's score. British then fleed from the battle and the game to go play call of dut black ops.. after noticing his posse had been defeated by the BBMC once again. Our leader was unable to get a picture of the score due to how quick the NCR scum left.

 However, this isn't anything new. The NCR, although big has not once been able to take us down. The longer this continues the stronger we grow and the bigger we become. We have proven countless times that our numbers matter very little when our level of skill, experience and pure honor is where it is. I expect nothing but the best from my men. And that is clearly all I have seen thus far.

 The moon is is indeed demanded. Another battle..belonging only to the memory of few..but etched in history...forever.

July 31st, 2011 'Don Quits/NCR's Fall'

TRW calls upon assistance from The Born Brothers to help him defeat the NCR once again, 3 men were sent after discussing the matter at hand (we havent renewed our alliance with them since Viper 410 left) but we decided to help them Defiant, Mayney and Phsyco joined the battle and were alone at Mcfarlanes ranch while TRW was in Tall Trees, the NCR ambushed our men in Mcfarlanes but they were putting up a fight due to the lack of skill that the NCR members have, TRW was nowhere to be found for a long time due to his men not following orders, they were disorganized throughout the whole battle except for Hellranger who was a major player in TRW's clan.


The battle went on for a while until finally the leader of the NCR abandoned his men and they admitted defeat. Don sent a message to TRW's leader admitting defeat and saying he was resigning as the NCR leader and that Wheelz NCR would be the new leader. One of our sources say that he was quitting due to the stress in the video game with his clan and other clans as well, Don is pathetic and he brought all the stress to himself and made his clan one of the most hated in Red Dead

July 29th, 2011 - 'The Meeting'

               The Black Faction realized how deadly we were after going to war with us and asked for an alliance, Born A Beast and the leader of The Black Faction agreed for an alliance meeting today, Born A Beast, Born Homicidal, Born Defiant, and Defiant's calvary member were at the meeting today, The Black Faction brought the leader, co leader and a bodyguard, at first the meeting was going well, than the leader of The Black Faction says "we are allied with the Undead Raiders and enemies with The Black Hand.


                Without hesitation i gave my brothers the sign to take all 3 Black faction members out, Born Homicidal instantly shot their leader in the head off the draw, Born Defiant than put 2 shotgun shells in their bodyguard, while Defiant was reloading, the co leader of The Black Faction flips around blasting his semi-auto shotgun at Born Defiant, as Defiant's life was at risk, his calvary member (Born A Phsyco) ran in guns blazing at The Black factions co leader, the co leader finally fell to the ground without a breath left, The Black Faction was an example...The Black Hand and The K.O.A.R. our with us, and thats not going to change.

July 20th, 2011 - 'Allied Conquest'

            Today we helped our Ally The Revolutionary Warriors against The Mexican Army who challenged them to a war, since Beast couldnt attend he sent in his Honorable Chief Born Homicidal along with Darkninja and Eather to help out. Once we arrived to the session The Mexican Army had a huge defense in El Presidio where they had all their members and cannons fully loaded, some of The Revolutionary Warriors were taken down but they managed to take out their snipers and cannons with their recon team. Homicidal took his men and lead them around the base to sneak inside and take the remaining members out.


              Once the base was taken both sides fought to take over the stronghold. TRWxMINIMAN decided to make the limit up to 3000 points (this was decided when both groups were fighting for highest score/ around a tie) We finally got a break and let with more than a thousand points ahead but one of The Mexican Army guys decided to glitch but after a complaint their leader itzwade67 told him to stop. Finally The Borns and Warriors reached 3000 but decided to go more but TRW's  leader had to leave so we ended it around 3200 points with a Victory. Itzwade67 show great respect and Honor when he admitted to defeat and gave good sportsmanship after, we thank him for that. The allied party celebrated for another great Victory between the two Great Allies.