We was riding up from Lemoyne,

50 of my finest Southern men &

a couple cooks who joined up with

the CSA a few weeks back...

Halfway to Tall Trees we set up a

camp. We had orders to wipe out

a whole village of Indians. I didn't

wanna wipe out&kill my long lost

relatives.; I grew up with the white

men even though i'm red myself

I hesitated to send my men in; told

"let's wait till the sun comes up".

Well, that was the biggest mistake

of my life and my career with the

Confederates, see, while my men

tucked into their tents I snuck out

the back of our camp for a drink

of Rye whiskey. I was about a

couple hundred yards away from

the tents when i heard the scream

in my drunken stupor back to camp only to see blood covering the tents and hear screams of pain and misery. While I was gone it appears some of the Reds broke in to camp and scalped at least half my men and killed the rest. I couldn't peice it all together, my men gone, I abandoned them. So it was my duty to put the live ones out of their misery, it took everything I had....

The blood still stains my Lemat's grips, it still stains my mind and my soul. I cleaned up the mess, buried my men, and ran. I been running since, haven't stopped since. Can't stop. The south thought I killed all them men. Well I guess I did, but what we're my options. I can barely live with myself, I can barely think straight these days. That color will never leave my mind. Dark red running down my face. I left behind all my family, all my men, and all my dignity. Now I'm looking to reclaim my life, I want to be an honorable man, but I'm a war criminal. There's not one place they don't want me dead. I'm glad to have my brothers, they've helped me turn this blur of a nightmare into rage I can harness and use in combat...

of what sounded like a thousand

lost souls. I ran fast as i could in

Uncle Poncheon Scrungus

  • Wise    

  • Brazen

  • Strategic

  • Cunning

"A  successful and intelligent military commander, uncle thrived under pressure when it came to decision making. However as time went on, uncle began to numb himself due to the results of some of his decisions & actions. This would then lead him on an unstoppable series of events that would change the course of his life forever."


"I still gotta work it out...

I still gotta run.."