who will you become?

In the Born Brothers Gang, Respect is everything.Our ranks are reserved for only the most elite of all men and women.Those who posses the strongest of minds and Deadliest of hands. Do you think you're worthy enough to rise through the ranks..? Learn & study the basics of our ranks below to get a surface level idea of what is offered.

Godless - +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

     This is a Specialized Legacy rank reserved for those who have been here since the birth of The Born Brothers.

     The 3rd in command holding the title of 'Revenant' is responsible for ensuring the strength and longevity of The Born Brothers Gang. They will frequently check in with WarChiefs and lower ranks to ensure their voices are heard and the standards of the gang are met in lore and battle.

Revenant & Commissar

     This is a Specialized Legacy rank reserved for those who have been here since the birth of The Born Brothers.  

      The 2nd in command holding the title of 'Commissar' is responsible for handling affairs with all other outside gangs and affiliates of The Born Brothers. Whether it be motions for diplomacy or declarations of war, The Commissar will be there to represent The Born Brothers and our interests.

             Warchiefs have fought side by side with the High Council innumerable times throughout history, forming a bond that goes beyond just the gang, unbreakable by anything or anyone. A Brother to the end, hand selected by The Praetor for their undying loyalty - A Warchief embraces the burdens of leadership and sacrifice for the greater glory of the gang. Followed closely by their specialized warband in battle, they represent the variety of tactical power the gang is capable of. Their ruthless lethality inspires courage in their brothers and sisters and savagely cuts through the spirit of the enemy. If you have crossed the Born Brothers, seeing a Warchief in person means certain death.

            The title of WarChief is only obtainable to those who have demonstrated the ability to teach, command, as well as fight. Rising through the ranks to become a WarChief is not quick for a reason. Being a WarChief requires the demonstration of a high level of a particular art of war OR a level of understanding of leadership sufficient enough to justify the title.


      WarChiefs are required to ensure that all gang members they command at the time are prepared for war. Being sure everyone knows the jobs they'll be doing and the positions they'll be holding in the fight from moment to moment is extremely important. Following the WarChiefs commands in a fight may determine the outcome of the battle. So you must be able to do the job right for victory.

       Being a WarChief means having your own perspective and opinion. You are no use at this rank if you simply agree with every high council decision. Progress is made with discourse and you must be able to stand by your words and opinions. They must carry weight.

         Being a WarChief will require frequent communication and bonding with your fellow WarChiefs.    WarChiefs will attend High-Council meetings and will bring forward any needs or complaints from gang Vanguards or others.

        To become a WarChief does not necessarily require a mastery of any form of combat. The role of WarChief covers affairs and duties of all varieties. A lot will be asked of you at this rank. However, if you've made it to this rank, odds are that you're up to the challenge.

           The most distinguished and respected warriors in the gang outside of the High Council. A stoic testament to the Brotherhood itself - They are the elite and chosen few that keeps a trusted silence, but speaks great volumes in their actions. The presence of an Honor Guard brings purpose to every encounter, offensive or neutral. While their main role is to protect the High Council, they can also effectively lead in their absence. They are one with the gangs motivations, and will relentlessly achieve them time and time again, putting their life on the line without any hesitation.


            The rank of Honor Guard is reserved for only those who have proven themselves worthy of the title. You have demonstrated clear loyalty and shown yourself to be an incredible asset to the gang. You understand how we operate and the way things work here. Your authority over the ranks beneath you is unquestionable. 

          Making sure ranks beneath you as well as ranks above can rely on you for various tasks regardless of difficulty is essential. Your level of selflessness has most likely gotten you to this high of a status within the gang. You have a great mind or personality for leadership and do not have to be asked twice to do something. You take orders just as well as you're able to give them. You are also trusted with properly distributing various tasks to the gang when on missions or in battle. 

        This rank grants you access to High-Council meetings when recommended by a member of High-Council and approved by Elders. The level of prestige and distinction that comes with this rank is valued extremely high. You must carry yourself accordingly with this understanding.

             Chosen to protect the lives of all brothers and sisters at any cost, Vanguards are among the most formidable members In the gang. Able to regulate their subordinates with respect and take control of a scenario - They have a heightened awareness and can predict a situation going south before it happens, bringing a sense of safety to everyone. Prepared to risk it all and able to survive to tell the tale, they can and will hunt a target down with brutal efficiency if needed. This responsibility has been earned through selflessness and carries a very high regard with it.
            The physical backbone of the Born Brothers Gang. The Vanguard are tasked with everything from general gang management to combat training. Your devotion to the stability and activity of the gang will be of the utmost importance. Making sure all ranks beneath you are properly trained and able to shoot and fight well will be of your concern as well.
        Being a Vanguard will also hold you responsible for making sure all ranks beneath you continue to support, respect and work together with their fellow gang members. Making sure the standards of our code are met by all members beneath you is essential. You are expected to make attempts at diffusing high tension situations among members regardless of context. Do your best to keep fellow members on the same side. Any situations you may feel are out of your depth must be reported up the chain of command or directly to the High-Council.
         Helping Honor Guards above you when asked will be greatly appreciated.  Your opinions regarding all gang affairs when necessary will not be ignored. Your status and duty as a Vanguard will always be respected and appreciated. You have earned the high level of prestige and respect that comes with the title of Vanguard while at the same time earning far more responsibility and accountability.

      A force to be reckoned with. Ascended through sacred trial, they have weathered great hardships and prevailed. When most would run and seek shelter, they are unwavering in their bravery and discipline, welcoming the echoes of thunder. Using all the elements of war to their advantage, they are adaptable and always ready for a challenge, fearless in the eye of the storm.

      Persistence, dedication and a good gun is probably what has gotten you to this rank. Your level of control and reasoning are just as sharp as your blade.  Seizing glory on the battlefield will be a common occurrence. Understanding your weapons, your horse, and all forms of combat is an absolute requirement before promotion beyond this rank.

      Achieving the rank of Storm Bringer will grant you the ability to join a specialized division within the gang of your choosing. The inner workings of these specialized divisions will be discussed in detail to you when this rank is achieved.


           Our rules of engagement should be second nature to you at this point. Your ability to be lethal and disciplined are second only to your combat readiness. You know how to organize quickly to overwhelm and outmatch the enemy. In order to be most effective in this position, being able to cooperate quickly in the heat of war or during an ambush will be of utmost importance. Leave your emotions out of it, many things are said in war and in the heat of the moment... Be mature, rise above it, and kill the enemy.

PvP can get intense and heated. If you fear combat or it stresses you beyond your own combat effectiveness then odds are you'll never make it to this rank. Fighting and killing are second nature to the gang. It is the way of the west, and the code of the brotherhood.

Required time of activity spent at this rank before requesting promotion: Dependent on your ability to stay combat effective regardless of how intense or stressful a PvP situation may get. Self control and discipline in PvP should be of the utmost priority.

        A proven warrior who embraces the skills and teachings of the ancestors, going beyond the material and surface level. One who has not only found the path but who truly walks it with purpose, side by side with their brothers in arms. By understanding the nature of life as well as death, they traverse the realms of both, taking life and also preserving it where others failed.

         The Spirit Walker rank is given to those who have demonstrated steady concentration and discipline, you understand that your ability to kill is so good that you allow the enemy to take the first shot, you laugh at the risks that these rules of engagement we follow bring with them. Your situational reflexes and awareness of your surroundings must be clean, and swift.


      At this position, the way you interact with both your gang and the outside world are extremely important. Confidence and control when faced with un expected interactions with other players or gang members should be a top priority. Carry yourself as someone who has seen a thing or two.

       If you can demonstrate the ability to kill the enemy even though they initiated combat first, you'll know you're embracing the code of honor the gang follows. The Born Brothers do not shoot others on sight for any reason..however we are always ready to kill when necessary. We walk a fine line when it comes to the way we carry ourselves.

       An official member of the Born Brothers' Gang. They have heard the call to glory and answered it, carving a path through any terrain, as well as their enemies. With a reliable sense of direction and undeniable will power, they have shown the strength it takes to survive and persevere in an unforgiving landscape. While they can always lead the pack to its destination, they have learned that it is the journey that is the reward.

       To become a pathfinder is no insignificant thing. You have risen above the rank of prospect and have proven your devotion and seriousness to our cause. You have proven that you know how to play well with others and that getting this far is a statement in itself. You are an official, fully patched member of the gang.


Staying active and showing that you understand our rules of engagement and the way we take care of business will be most important before advancing in rank. Before doing so, devote time to getting to know your fellow gang members.




          Treat no brother or sister differently and show respect at all times. The High-Council as well as all other ranks above you will be watching how you carry yourself and interact with those around you. Noticed things may never be discussed with you, so be mindful on how you take care of business or deal with things in regards to your gang & strangers.

          After reaching the rank of pathfinder you are then granted the ability to reveal or create your characters backstory to the gang. Your character's backstory should tell the tale of why your character is who they are..why they look/dress the way they do...what has brought their life's path to the Born Brotherhood.


         A worthy accomplice who has chosen a life that stands apart from the rest of the outlaws in a dangerous world. They have taken the first steps and caught the attention of the gang as well as others. By showing Honor and Respect they have earned a fair chance to prove themselves among the best.


         Prospecting says something about you. It says you're tired of the way things are and you want them to change. I can get behind that..but the road ahead to glory isn't just handed out. Its earned through hard work and a reasonable amount of dedication. 

   Most simply won't make it past this rank. Often you will find yourself questioning whether or not you have what it takes to make it through the process of joining. Maybe you lack patience or don't take simple orders or rules seriously..

       If you ever expect to give orders around here you must of course first learn how to take them. Things aren't handed out quickly here for a reason. You're expected to do your best to show that you want to be here. This means keeping reasonable communication via our discord if you have to be away from the game for a while. You're also expected to make the effort to join our game sessions whenever you are availblae to play and see us online. Don't expect to have your hand held. No one is going to look for you to see if you are online and send you invites. You're expected to show up on your own will and desire to show up.



          Showing you're a team player inspires loyalty and devotion to those around you. Stay humble even if you know you're right. Carry yourself as something more than a prospect and you just may become it. Remember, you are not a full member or a brother just yet..but you're on your way.


           We expect you to show devotion to the gang. If you're constantly playing with other random nobodies that you met in LFG then this place is more than likely not for you. You're obligated to show that you want to be here. Joining our sessions on your own accord; you will rarely recieve invites.