"John, a motivated and tenacious man who never really struggled in life for meaning or purpose charged head first into a life of  violence and war. He often found himself in a grey area that white men of his culture would never understand. Creating unbreakable bonds with a tribal native of the lands his forefathers settled in would eventually become the smoking gun that would make him who he is today."


             I grew up in the backwoods of Big Valley. I was raised by my Mother and Father. My father was a trapper by trade, he did business with the Wapiti tribe and the town of strawberry. Trading furs for supplies with the tribe. I was fast friends with a boy of the tribe. Ahanu was his name. We hunted, fished, and worked together, as we had dreams of starting our own fur trading company together.

John Miller

  • Quick thinking in the heat of the moment.

  • Patience when developing strategy

  • Direct-minded when given tasks/objectives

  • Great physical & mental strength



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bear claw.png

           At the age of 16 Ahanu and I went scouting for Roosevelt elk in the mountains of the grizzlies. While on the hunt a Grizzly attacked Ahanu. I ran headfirst towards the bear, distracting it from Ahanu, so he could slip away from its grasp. The bear lunged at me,  ripping the repeater from my hands, breaking it with a loud crunch.  I then pulled the bowie knife from my sheath and ran into the bears chest. The bear was dead, but we werent in the best of condition. Ahanu's leg was torn up from the bite of the Grizzly and I was left with a Facial scar. When we returned to the tribe with the grizzly pelt in hand.


                   The chief of the Wapiti tribe cut one of its paws off and fashioned a necklace for me. The chief looked upon me and said "Since you have saved a boy of our tribe and risked your life to fight this beast from now on you shall be called Misabe Mukwa, in your tongue it is Bear." The chief placed the necklace on my neck, and thus I earned my name "Bear"..Ahanu said to me.. "One day I will return the favor... you are truly a great friend"

At the age of 20 the civil war came to be. I signed up and fought for the Union. I fought as a Lightfoot before moving into the ranks as Cavalry.

 chest killing him instantly. I went into a fit of rage and killed the rebel with my bare hands..I beat him for so long....I didn't stop until i was so light-headed that i lost my balance and fell off of him to the side. I couldn't feel my hands nor could i see them... They were covered in a color of blood I had never seen before...I'll never forget that blood..that kids face... I picked up the body of my friend, stole a horse and made my way back to the Wapiti Reservation...but not before burning Fort Brennand Down. I took the body to the tribe where I buried Ahanu as a warrior. I had saved Ahanu as a boy. And Ahanu made good on his word from all those years ago by saving me. I resented the War, and resented the Union for abandoning me.. causing the death of my friend... After the war ended I never went home, I hit the road and been there since.

           I was swift and merciless on my foes using my pistol and knife for close quarters and using my Repeater on horseback. I was an excellent soldier and proved my capabilities of profound violence on the battle field. One day on patrol me and my comrades were ambushed by rebels. I charged toward them while the rest of my company retreated under the rule of a Captain who disliked me. I was stranded in rebel territory running headfirst into battle. I was shot in the leg and I fell off my horse. The rebels captured me and took me to their fort to be tortured as a prisoner of war to find info on the Union


encampment nearby. I did not break so easily. I was tortured, starved, and beaten for days and weeks on end. The only thing the rebels allowed me to keep was my necklace... I'll never know why they did that..but that necklace became a symbol for me...a symbol of loyalty..honor..and tenacity. That necklace will never leave my possession for as long as i live...


                  One night on a full moon, I was sitting in my cage and heard a familiar voice say "seems you've gotten into trouble Mukwa" I raised my head to look and standing before me was my friend Ahanu. In full warpaint wielding a tomahawk and bow, he broke me out. Together we took down the Rebel fort from the inside, stealthily slicing the necks of every rebel within. I recovered my belongings. And we made our way to the stables. In the stables a young rebel hid and when Ahanu and I walked in the rebel raised his gun to me and fired.  I was not hit, because Ahanu jumped in the way and took the round to the

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bear claw.png

"With the life i've been living...I was bound to end up in a place like this... Though I would've never guessed i'd have the power that I do now."