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Shadow Wolf




         The fog always seemed to get much more dense during the winter. It was always seen as a time when food and all other supplies became scarce. The days got shorter and the nights grew longer...songs were rarely sung and smiles rarely made. But it was also during these times..we were the most united. My people understood the only way to survive these conditions was by working together against all odds. I was told it was a cold night ust like any other when I was born.All of the

people of my village gathered around a big last stand fire to see me in my mother's arms. What made this night special was the songful sounds of the wolve's howl. Although too dark to see beyond the fire we were gathered around they saw them.. wolves sneaking through the shadows of the night
just out of arms reach within our village. They prowled through the night as if to watch us with
protection instead of prey. Their eyes glowed a

  • Doesn't trust the military

  • Completely self sufficient

  • Expert Marksman

  • Unquestionable loyalty to The Born Brothers Gang.

"Born amidst the dense fog and the sounds of howling wolves, the young Native by the name of Shadow Wolf struggled for survival and meaning. Forced to grow up fast, he was eventually offered a life with purpose by a family of elite & diverse outlaws."

bright and noticeable white as they patiently prowled throughout the village. The wolves emitted no violent growls..just calm moans and rejoicing howls. This is how my parents as well as my tribe gifted me the name: Shadow Wolf.

         I was only a teenager when it happened. Men in coats with iron weapons that breathed fire attacked my village. We had no chance of escape so most of us decided to fight or hide. I grabbed my bow and tomahawk to do my best help my people get to safety. Before I left my teepee I was met at the entrance by one of the Elders of our village. I recognized him, he was our villages WarChief, he knew my father very well. I would see them together hunting all the time. He quickly convinced me that there was no hope in fighting these men. There were simply too many of them and they would not stop until we were all dead.He convinced me that we needed to hide.. there was no way we would be

able to escape alive. As they burned down our huts and teepees one by one we knew there soon wouldn't be anywhere left to hide. As we went to hide behind the outside of my teepee i saw him. My father had been shot and stabbed to death almost beyond recognition. I froze in place and couldn't move..all i could do was look at my father lay there lifeless. All of a sudden without warning I was abruptly pushed to the ground from behind. Before i was able to speak the elder covered my mouth and whispered in my ear:


"This is the only way...i'm sorry." He then proceeded to cover his hands in my fathers blood and rub it onto my hands..my arms... my neck..my head... and my face. He then did the same to himself and laid motionless on top of me. He told me to do the same or we would die. I'll never forget the sounds of my people begging for mercy as the screams started to turn to silence. The men laughed and shot their guns for hours..destroying our camp and looking through our things just feet away from where we laid. By the time they had all left the area, i had run out of tears. Staring at the face of my lifeless father no longer had the same effect. It was clear to me that I would never be the same person again.

       Over the next few years I was able to convince the elder to teach me everything he knew.How to hunt,  how to fight, how to track...everything. We often spent most of our time traveling from place to place not sticking around for too long to get comfortable. He told me a lot about my father that i wasn't able to understand when i was just a boy.


He was an honorable man who didn't deserve what happened to him...none of my people did. However the elder was able to help me understand over time how life's energy is only borrowed by everyone and that one day no matter how or when it must be given back. He was an extremely wise man...it felt like he always had more to teach me.

Years later after the elder's passing, I was on

my own. By this point the world seemed to run like clockwork. People traveled from far and wide on man made roads to sell and trade with each other. I had known how to grow my own food since i was young so i mostly kept to myself. It was a very hot day when i was trying to practice shooting crows with my new rifle when i heard a voice speak behind me. I turned around and saw a Native man with a long tailcoat with his arms crossed leaned up against a tree that was providing great shade. It was as if he had been watching me for sometime. He approached me and introduced himself as Wakhan Makostah. It had been years since i had met another Native face to face. I felt an instinctual need to tell him my story and what i had been through in my life up to this point. He looked at me and listened to my story like someone who could relate.


           We took shade under the tree overlooking the valley under Gaptooth Ridge. We shared water and stories of times past. It was clear to me that Wakhan was more than just another native lost in this world. He had seen and done things I thought not even possible. As he finished off a story, we sat back leaned up against the tree enjoying the breeze. In the middle of a daydream i was snapped out of it by a gentle nudge from Wakhan's elbow. He turned  my attention to the men down in the valley of Gaptooth Ridge. "I'm not going to assume you know those men by chance do you?" Wakhan calmly asked me; i shook my head no. "They call themselves 'The Lemoyne Raiders'...made up of a bunch of former amateur military cowboys. I've watched their leadership change and evolve over the past few years. They're definitely not

what they used to be..but still making waves these days." All i needed to hear was military to make me reach for my rifle to take a closer look at their uniforms. Thoughts of my childhood began to race through my mind reminding me of what had happened all those years ago. The journey i had been on up to this point...the things I had to do to survive...Wakhan then snapped me out of it by placing his hand on my shoulder and turning my

attention to a particular man among the rest. He explained the significance of this man to me, how he was in charge of finding Natives and reporting their locations to men to come kill them. He looked as if he was proud of his place among the men that followed him, his uniform and hat stood out to me. There was a brief but calm pause as i stared at the man through my scope. Wakhan then broke the silence and stood to his feet as i watched him. He looked down to me and said: "Only death gives way to new life. If you kill this man, it will not only give way for new life for the people of this land...but also, a new life for yourself...if that is what you desire." He turned his back to me and began to walk away.    

         It has been 6 months since i've been here and i've already learned more than i ever thought i would. The gang i follow is lead by a great native man by the name Uncas. The people that follow him are unlike any people i've ever met. They are all so different but clearly committed to each other. They have taught me many things about this world and how much it is changing. They have shown me a true and honorable path to a life with purpose and meaning. Although I still have so much to learn I do know that this is where I belong. These are my people...my family. And i will do anything to protect them.