Fernando Escuella

  • Absolute loyalty to his new found family

  • #2 On the Del Lobo Gang's most wanted list

  • Wields his faithful revolvers Isabel and Maria

  • Enjoys a good ride with his brothers


"After the brutal death of his family and the unforgettable betrayal of an old family friend, Fernando seized vengeance in the violent depths of Mexico before fleeing to America. In America he found asylum and safety by joining the notorious Born Brothers Gang soon after discovering he had become #2 on the Del Lobo Gang's most wanted list."

         The gun shots are still clear and close, the screams with agony for help... but we all knew we couldn’t do anything to help. If we tried to help we would be signing our own death sentence. We tried to help our town in anyway possible to keep them safe, but the Del Lobos were very tough...They always had so many numbers. Each man seemed more cruel than the one before him. The Del Lobos had no regard for human life in Mexico.. they spent their time stealing and killing from those who couldn't defend themselves. They preyed on the weak and they always seemed to enjoy it.

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         We were in our home when they came for us..My father was a

wise man and had enjoyed a successful life of smuggling..he heard the

deafening roars of their horses as they rode up to the front of our house

at full speed. After looking out of our front window shade my father looked down at his feet then looked back directly at me among our

our family. He had a look on his face like i had never seen before. It was


called Valentine. I knew it would be years before i gathered the ability to complete such a journey..But i was determined to make a plan to succeed. The plan i relied on unfortunately did not go well..I made a mistake by trusting a former friend of my fathers who promised me safe passage to America. He sold my location to the Del Lobos who quickly caught up to me...they lassoed me by the neck and then hogtied me. I was knocked out by the leader and when I came to, I was by a lake about to be drowned.

as if my father knew it was the last time he was ever going to see us again.. I'll never forget the look on his face. He quickly grabbed me and put me underneath the floorboard space beneath our couch. I heard them take my two brothers and my parents. They were tortured in the most brutal way... a memory i've done my best to

forget.. I could smell death in the air as i climbed out of the hiding space. I gathered my things while i thought of a plan to escape Mexico and go to the United States, into a town


       In my mind I thought it was all over, until I saw a post with a sharp edge, that was my getaway. It was night the moon was bright, but by the amount of fog there was you could hardly see anything and that was perfect for my plan. I rolled over and


scooted myself toward the post and started cutting the rope, luckily all Del Lobos were asleep giving me extra time. Once done undoing the ropes I ran toward a nearby spot where I had hidden my faithful companions Isabel and Maria and of course my best friend was waiting for me there El Jovero. I got on my horse and got Isabel and Maria my two

revolvers and headed to the camp of the men that had changed my life forever and unleashed a wrath never felt before. It was almost as if the world had granted me this event as a gift. All the wrong hese men had done to me in my younger life was about to be felt by them all in their final moments on this earth. It was a massacre, blood and bodies everywhere and only one man was

standing...me. I was hurt inside because of the loss of  my family and friends.I questioned why it was me that my father chose to hide..everything happened so quickly..just like the night of my vengeance killing. I grew to understand that sometimes the world has no answers for the events that occur. I got out of there to forget everything and also before anymore arrived, I headed toward Valentine.


         The ri    de took me twenty days and nights. The air was cleaner than where i came from. There was an abundance of wildlife unlike i had ever seen before. The land was filled with lush green fields with rivers and lakes with endless streams of fish. It was a beautiful untouched place that i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life in.  After arriving at Valentine I ran into some O'driscolls i overheard talking that knew the gang Del Lobos and what they had done to my people and me... it was clear they had found the actions of those bad people funny.  They were careless and cruel people..their reactions shouldn't have been a surprise to me.

                       What I ended up doing was breaking one of the O'driscolls' teeth and smashing the other's head against the wagon outside the doctor’s store. I had killed one of the men, which caused me prison time, luckily for me i was given a light sentence due to killing a known bandit. I did not care about anything at that point I was done with life. I was emotionally scarred and felt like I had no direction..I escaped

the brutalities of Mexico and made it safely


to America. I feared the future and constantly asked myself what i would do next. What life would i find to live here?


                 Once I got out of the sheriff's lockup I took a walk around Valentine. I wanted to get a better idea on how people lived in this place.  I later see a man open fire on a person and watched as the guy getting shot at tackles his enemy to the ground and disarms him. Without fail, the man who had been tackled to the ground pulled out a knife and slashed the man on top of him in the face. The man on top quickly jerked his head to his side and punched the  man underneath him. He then grabbed ahold of him with both of his hands and snapped his neck. He looked up at me and told me he appreciated that I did not get involved in what had just happen. I had never seen someone so justified in his actions deliver such swift justice. All my life i had watched crime and wrong doings go unpunished..This man, here in this place clearly understood justice and punishment was best delivered personally. I was curious to know more about

this man..who he was and where came from. Before he left I asked  

his name and he responded with “Chesmu” then walked away...I

decided to follow.

like a distant memory at this point..the thought of it made me uncomfortable but my desire and curiosity yanked me forward.  I was curious on how it would be to adapt to a variety of personalities and ways of thinking. The gang was diverse..they seemed to come from all different walks of life. They had so much to offer in the ways of teaching..they knew so much about the land and the people that lived here. One thing was for sure..they were close, it was clear that they genuinely cared about each other. The way they talked to each other and moved throughout the world was very eye opening.  It was pretty overwhelming but i was determined to prove to myself that although new, I belonged with these people...and i knew it. They started me off as a prospect to see if I was worthy enough to join. They taught me their ways and how they handled themselves.


     I told myself okay let's give it a try..Maybe he can teach me some things about

the area and if not at least point me in the direction of  someone

who can. As i followed him around he seemed uninterested in

talking to me directly. However, as i followed him, he noticed that

 i was listening well to him, so he continued to tell me about himself.

 He eventually informed me that he was a member of a gang of

outlaws that called each other family. The idea of family to me seemed

                 They helped me recuperate emotionally, mentally, and physically. After a couple of weeks the Wiseman Uncas, had decided it was time. I had been promoted to pathfinder. They had used the fire of their ancestors on me. It was the best day of my life, I was honored to be blessed by the fire of the ancestors, but it hurt a lot. I knew being a member of this gang meant the Del Lobos couldn't touch me... not because of safety in numbers...but because i quickly realized this was a gang made up of some of the fastest guns and sharpest minds in the west...always one or many more steps ahead of those who seek to bring us trouble.. As far as they were concerned..it was open season on all Del Lobos when they learned  of my history with them. They helped me set numerous ambushes as well as the capture, interrogation and execution of numerous ranking Del Lobos gang members and affiliates. l was happy to be alive and have a purpose in life once again.“I am glad I have found a new family where we protect each other everyday and night. We help our brothers and sisters emotionally, mentally, and physically. Of course we have a long journey ahead of us, but we know we will achieve that by hard work and dedication. We shall prevail over evil and open the hearts of those who think they don’t have one, and think by killing innocent people gives them joy. Let us conquer evil and bring peace to this land.”



"Of course the Del Lobos eventually found me in America....but then they saw who i was with...and that was the end of that."