Let's back it up aways to how I became the way I am today...I was born on a ship off the coast of america and was on my way to the promised land of opportunity with my parents. My father Warren Fairchild and my mother Liza Junpei; Now, my story starts off quite grand... my dad was a missionary who traveled to spread the word of God around the world I never really bought into that but he used to tell me it brought comfort to some folk so, whatever let them believe what they want. My mother, on the other hand, was a doctor of more traditional means and taught me a good bit as I was growing up; nothing too complex but enough to stitch a cut or remove a bullet. At first I was confused on why I would need to know about stuff like that, when around my 11th birthday I was told dear old dad had a plan to start a mission in the wild west... now I was against this so much because the only news from out west was how many people were killing themselves over nothing or pocket change but his mind was set and my mom was with him so after a grueling journey we reach a small town that was beginning to prosper by the name of Armadillo... nothing crazy but seemed nice enough in my eyes; oh how wrong I was. 


Foster G. Fairchild

  • Fast on his feet, quick with his words

  • Loves testing the extent of his accuracy

  • Relentless tenacity

  • Unwavering loyalty to The Born Brothers Gang

"Born to hardworking immigrant parents in search of a brighter future, Foster was raised on hopes of living an honest life of the faith. However as Foster grew and changed so did his perspective on his fathers beliefs. After the death of his parents; Foster's new outlook on the world lead to him purusing his own individual goals..which quickly spiriled out of control after striking a deal with the infamous Colm O' Driscoll."



  On the summer day of  June 7th, 1874 my sister Emma was born and life was going great Dad's church was up and Mom was always earning money from fixing up people from fights or animal bites, not many kids in town but there were some older kids who talked to me most were nice, some weren't just how life is, But that summer was the last time I was truly happy.


                  August 9, 1876 cholera stuck the town in force... mom tried her best to stop the outbreak and help everyone, but that just made some people panic at the mention of it... within two weeks most folk were dropping dead in the streets and not a week later I lost both my sister who wasn't even three years old yet and my mom to the outbreak.. My dad and me tried to bury them but the town wouldn't have it "what if the people get sick while trying" or "we can't waste the manpower " so without a ceremony we burned them on the first of September... dad said some words but couldn't handle staying near the fire; you really never get used to that smell... Not long after we decided to try our luck by moving east; the local law that were left didn't like that and arrested both of us.. my dad was getting up into his 50's and couldn't fight if he tried so they locked us up while everyone else rotted away in town, seven fucking years of my dad treating them like saints and not one person stepped up to help.. but our problems weren't over yet.

       It was so easy to trick them with the sad kid routine bought it right away when I asked if they would stop beating him if I gave them this alcohol dumb pricks drank that so fast they didn't even hesitate and that was that. Not a minute later they dropped to their knees and began asking for help I offered my dad my shoulder and we took off east. We must have walked a good mile before we seen anyone and that was the first time I committed a crime some poor sod riding his horse I screamed for help and he came riding over I wasn't planning on robbing him at first but I seen the badge and my mind was made up, I set my dad down and asked if the lawman could help me bring him into town and when he turned to pick my dad up I drew his gun and hit him over the head he went down and I now had a horse, a gun, and an injured parent I was so lost on what we could do so I just took us east and kept riding until we hit this forest what I now know as tall trees. I knew that lawman would make it back to town and see what I did so staying in the woods to hide seemed like a good idea again I was so damn wrong.

        I set up the canvas sleeping bag that the horse had and layed my dad on it so he could rest and went to see if I could find us something to eat, or some other people. I stumbled upon this old hunting and trading post where I found some people but they were all on edge and I didn't know why, then I met Lee he was the only one who talked to me and asked what I was doing here and if I was alright, told him my dad was hurt and I left him back in the hills and came looking for help he had this flash in his eyes when I said that and took off running in the direction of my dad I gave chase to see what the problem was.

          I heard the screams from so far away I still hear them sometimes when i'm asleep I hadn't known at the time but I had left my weak father in skinner territory and was now following his screams. Lee was ahead of me now and had drawn his bow and axe I heard the pluck of the bow string and another scream from someone else and then this thunk sound I finally reach the camp to see two dead skinners and my dad I couldn't look at him hardly they had removed his hands and started burning his eyes with a poker when Lee seen what they did he covered my eyes and rushed me back and then walked to my dad, I was out of it when he told me there was nothing he could do and asked if I wanted to be the one to end his suffering I couldn't let someone I barely knew handle that burden so I nodded my head in agreement and he drew the revolver that was on the horse they butchered and handed it to me at first, I couldn't do it I was shaking and didn't want to miss or prolong his suffering so I take a second to calm down and took the shot I had never shot a gun before and that was the first time I had to it still bugs me to this day that I had let that happen to my dad who never hurt anyone in anyway and those bastards did that to him for fun. I didn't know what to do after that but Lee took me with him back to the post and let me stay with him the others weren't to keen on that but I guess he held some respect there because once he said I was staying and that was that no one spoke out at him he took me in and a month later I turned 15.

       Lee wasn't really a great dad but he was one hell of a teacher from using the bow to throwing knives he taught me how to use them for hunting and for self defense, he was hard on me but he wanted me to survive I get that now and when I turned 18 he told me there was nothing else he could teach me and  said he had a present for me he bought me back to his shack and gave me a hide I was confused at first he told me to unroll it and when I did, I saw the repeater I still use to this day a cherrywood lancaster with silver engravings and a wood inlay of a buck I had never seen such a fine weapon and he told me it was mine and he had one more test for me before he gave me my final gift he told me we were going to head into the hills and going to deal with the skinners that were plaguing the people of west elizabeth so we took off and then the fun began.

    Lee Out of all the folks I had hurt or killed I always felt bad but when Lee took me to that skinner camp and I saw the bodies that littered the camp men, women, even children I lost myself he told me to be quiet and calm but I took off  I don't remember much after that just the sound of my new gun going off and my axe cutting down the trash in front of me and after I regained my senses i took a look around and at myself &

saw the corpses of all the skinners and I know I should have felt remorse but I was happy that I did it, Lee had watched the whole thing and just stared at me, I asked what was wrong and he just said that I shouldn't be smiling and I didn't realize that I was but he took me back to the post he told me that I should always be calm in a fight and never lose my head but that I did good I asked what this final gift was and he smiled for the first time in a long time and told me to follow him.

I had saved up around 300 dollars and went into town to see if I could purchase a building from the mayor but was short by another

100 when I left discouraged some men stopped me and asking why I was buying a building and I told them about my hopes to become the town doctor and they smiled and asked if I wanted a loan from their boss I asked who their boss was and that day is when I met Colm O'driscoll and fell into his debt.

             Colm gave me the cash but said if I fell behind on payments there would be hell to pay so I started my office in town and things went well for a good year before Colm came knocking on my door. He wanted triple the loan and to use my office as a front for his gang I told him fine about the cash but I wasn't going to be some scapegoat for his gang he took the cash and said fine and left. Two nights later he set fire to my office and home and one of his boys put a bullet in my side and they left I was bleeding out on the side of the road when a man approached me but I fell unconscious before I could say anything. 

           He lead me to this open field named beecher's hope and told me to wait I stood there for around ten minutes and then I look over to him walking up with this young foal that had this amazing brown and beige coat and he said that he had bought him off the stable boy in blackwater and that he was now my responsibility he gave me a saddle  and told me to take him for a ride, he was a strong horse and fast as well so I was happy Lee told me to give him a name and I asked what sounds good he looked at me and then at my now new horse and said that I looked like an old fashioned cowboy and that was it my new horse Old fashioned.

      I left my new home at the age of 19 and was so full of hope and ready to do my old family and Lee proud and took off east towards the city of strawberry. I was full of ideas of how I could change the lives of people for the better and decided to start up my own doctor's office in town just needed some money first. I ended up working with this taxidermist on the outskirts of strawberry and worked there until my 21st birthday.

        I came to with my wound stitched up

and the smell of something cooking and take

in my surroundings; i see a tent and a man leaned

over a campfire cooking what looked to be some meat

he turned to me and asked if my side was still aching.

I told him it was fine considering there was a bullet in it

not to long ago he asks who shot me and I tell him how I took a loan from the O'driscolls and he stops for a moment before asking why I would do that so I told him about my plans to start a doctor's office in strawberry and when colm came to me about money I agreed to take on the loan and paid him back but I wouldn't let him use it as a front so he burned it to the ground and left me for dead.. He nodded along to my story; I asked if he had encountered

not to long ago he asks who shot me and I tell him how I took a loan from the O'driscolls and he stops for a moment before asking why I would do that so I told him about my plans to start a doctor's office in strawberry and when colm came to me about money I agreed to take on the loan and paid him back but I wouldn't let him use it as a front so he burned it to the ground and left me for dead.. He nodded along to my story; I asked if he had encountered them before he looked at me for a minute and said they weren't even considered human to him that I agreed with  and asked him where we were he tossed me some binoculars and told me to look at the cabin northwest of us.

      I peered at the cabin and seen what must have been 20 or so O'driscolls and ask him what we were doing here and he said he followed the men who had shot me and that they were in that cabin and if I wanted to do something about it and I asked if he had a plan he said that the plan was to not  leave one of them alive I agreed with that plan and asked if he had my repeater he had it on his horse, but stopped me and handed me a bow it had been awhile since I used one but took it and some arrows and told him if he was going with me and he looked at me put up his bandana and asked if I could keep up and I shook me head and he told me to bring up the right but be quiet and don't get seen, I drew my bow and sent three arrows to the three men walking.

          I then saw the guard on the tower drop and seen the man who saved me bring a knife into another's neck and we met up to breach the house he passed me a revolver from his belt and told me to count my shots, we took them by storm six dead before the others could reach for their guns I took the upstairs he cleared the kitchen I went up put another shot in a man's gut he tumbled down the stairs I heard two men arguing about positions to set and turned the corner put one down and the click I froze he did as well and I ducked back around the side of a dresser and pushed it towards him he took shots at me and I heard the same sound I just heard moments ago and jumped towards him sure as shit it was the bastard who shot me and I knocked his front teeth out kicked his gun away and called the man downstairs he came running up and seen the man on the ground he asked if I had something in mind and I asked if he could give me a hand we bought him back to the man's camp and cooked a meal and waited for him to wake up he came to around dawn and the man said if I had come with what to do with him I said I was just tired and that it was up to him he suggested burning him like he did to my office that sounded great to me and I asked how he pulled out a glass bottle and lit a rag on fire and tossed it at the man he lit up so fast he didn't even scream...I turned and offered a handshake to the man he grasped my hand and he asked me for my name.

         I told him it was Foster he nodded I asked for his and he looked at me and asked what I was going to do now I told him I had nothing left no family, or cash he asked me if I could do work even if it wasn't legal I agreed and he told me he was a member of the Born Brothers Gang and that I could be a member and he wasn't my friend yet and that my hard work would be noted and to try my best, he looked at me and said that his name was Declan and he would bring me to his brothers and I would ride with them and only them and that I would have to work hard and maybe someday be his brother we went back to town I got on my horse and I went to meet my new people.