Gwen M.

"After the death of her sister left Gwen alone and uncertain in the world; she struggled to find safety and peace of mind. Finding a man she cared about and trusted proved only to lead to more heartache and cemented her life as a loyal but murderous outlaw."


        The snow around her brushed with a crimson red as she lays there, the last of her body’s warmth shown only by the small white fog around her mouth. Her jacket, suitable for the mountain cold, had become stiffer, the fur around the collar frosted with a reminder of the harsh winters of the area. Arms covered in the same crimson fluid that adorned

in messy streaks of her dress made her small body laying there look like a fresh kill. Her eyes glassy gazed at the horizon from the deceptive grasp of the snow she collapsed into, the blur of its majestic beauty terrifies her as she imagines this will be her last memory in this world. As the world around her started to fade the hallucinations of horses and a strange voice speaking in tongues fills her head. The last sound she hears is the crisp crunch of snow giving way to footsteps near her as her world faded to black.


         After a long journey to see her sister had left her broken inside, her state could only be described as a cold hollow breeze in her heart as she turned her horse to return home over the mountains. The thought of her sisters death and past memories bombarding her mind as she cut through the white dreams-cape of the lands. Her thoughts would turn to be her biggest weakness as lurking nearby was a small group of O’Driscoll looking to ambush a wagon for supplies. With her horse walking into the lion's den while following the path this would lead to an easy target who was visually distracted and unaware of what danger lurked.

"It’s in our most desperate moments

we find ourselves expressing our greatest strengths."

- G

The air contained a thousand smells of flowers, tall wild

           It had been a week since she had been rescued by the stranger who spoke a language she didn’t understand. She hadn’t spoken a word since that day to him but instead her expressive responses was all they needed to communicate. He had found her there, collapsed from exhaustion covered in blood that wasn’t her own, though the bruises started to show signs of fading. Evaluating her surroundings she guessed she was taken further away from the base of the mountain where the snow resided.

grass and the age of old pine and it carried the songs of birds

 and other wild animal noises through its dense walls. The

heard about but he seemed to be alone and at peace in his camp.

 stranger appeared to be one of the natives that she had