John 'O.B' Ryder

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  • Stubbornness

  • Easily pissed off

  • Willingness to teach

  • Motivated


"A self motivated man raised by very well off parents. John Ryder decided to find his own way in life. The journey he embarcks upon over the course of this story is but a small glimpse into what he has done and will continue to do since joining the elite Born Brothers Gang"

              The year is 1841.. I was born to a wealthy family in Saint Denis. My father Henry Thomas Ryder was a banker, and my mother Sarah Lynn Ryder was a seamstress who made clothes for the local tailor. In the year 1848 we went on a trip to visit family in the small town of blackwater and were ambushed by a group of bandits, my father was killed, and my mom was taken…I remember hearing her screams of fear and anxiety…I’ll never forget the sound of my mother being dragged away as I sat over my fathers corpse.. I hid in the quick, small spot my father had tucked me away before  

the bandits showed up and I was not found… Lost, poor, and orphaned young John Ryder went and started to beg on the streets for several years. It was my lowest point for sure. Going to sleep hungry was never fun. Anything I got i held onto tightly...

In the year 1856, now 15-years-old…I had gotten into the business of cattle rustling and stagecoach robbing with an unknown gang. I had gotten well known in the great Plains area for my quick in and out stick-ups and heists… soon my notoriety had caught up with me, In the year 1857 I, now 16 years old was arrested. Luckily since I was only a young boy the law had decided to give me a break, but I was banned from the town of blackwater, now lost yet again I moved back to Lemoyne to take a new stake in the life of an outlaw.  Now 18 I had finally gotten a name for myself in the Lemoyne area making friends and enemies alike making me a very valuable target yet again. I excelled in getting a job done from start to finish no matter what

I realized that they didn't have honor or care for who I was...i could even see in some of their faces..they wanted to knock me and my status down .. 

aggressive to me... it quickly started to change my perspective on these people. They seemed more interested in being lawmen than good men..

Being hostile or trying to resist in anyway, but they still were being

1860.... the year my life changed forever… I was incarcerated for countless acts of robbery, assault, and even some cases of murder these were the crimes that would have had me meet the hangman. While in jail I was given a choice “Meet the hangman tomorrow at dawn or you ride to catch a wanted criminal, Barbara Alverez think you can do that son?” This was my one chance..

In the time I was gone I had thought about 

be my chance to finally change for the better...

the sheriff was in total disbelief..I spent the 

next 5 years or so learning my new trade,

targets I didn't quite know.. until on January

Bounty Hunter...and free from all charges..

Bounty Hunter earning a reputation that 

1878.. 12 years I had been building a reputation

I met an older white man by the name of 

natives and taught me a few lessons such as

use every part of the animal that i killed.

I took the time and taught him the life of a

life of a city man. I saw Hudson as a teacher

I returned with Alverez on my horse and

next 5 years or so learning my new trade

hunting down my old allies and some other

12th, 1866, I was finally given the title of

I went on for the next several years as

spread far and wide...The year now was

as a bounty hunter along my travels..

Hudson. Hudson was a man raised by

how to use a bow and arrow...and how to

I took Hudson's life advice with great care

Bounty Hunter and how to blend into the

like no other person could possibly be.

3 long weeks on the hunt for prey.

I agreed to find her and off I was for

running, but i thought that this could

and this gave me a very different perspective on life... In the year 1883 Hudson left my company and went to live his own life keeping in touch with me and occasionally working with me when need be. 

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       “To think this is my life… never would have thought bout it happenin like this 25 years ago” I told myself this in 1885 little did I know my world was about to change forever. Thomas Lemieux the son of the Mayor of Saint Denis was murdered in his home the night of August 21, 1885, in this moment I had been in the house to speak with Thomas about a job making me the only suspect. The police trying to arrest me heard me speak of my innocence, and when I wasn't

not listened to; I drew my gun causing the Massacre of Saint Denis in 1885. now a wanted man, I was on the run once again with a high price on my head… I ran to Van Horn a place ran by outlaws, a place the cops would never dare go to. The year is 1890,its been 5 years since the massacre happened …I finally found a place to hide and lay low taking illegal jobs to

hunt people down in an unnamed group... While I did these jobs, I felt alone again like I did as an outlaw thus I decided one day I would go find a group and find a home. In the year 1896 I had finally managed to hide mymself long enough to barely be recognized at first look, within this time, I also met a man who called himself “Dynamite Jack” who offered me a home if I proved myself to be worthy of it. February 24, 1896 I had been brought into a mysterious gang known as “The Born Brothers” a name known and feared by all who knew it, in this time I had become close friends with one of his “Brothers” known as “Bear” this friendship grew to which we begun to work together closely. The last documented piece of John “The Old Bastard” Ryder is as he begun to grow in this gang in the year 1898, I started to do work as some type of assassin “Shade Seer” as he named it working closely with “Bear” taking out targets that crossed his new family in the shadows never to be seen only blood left in our path.

This is the only known documentation of John Ryder in the journal he left in a bar in Armadillo it reads on the back :

“"Ride in Honor and Glory my brothers for I shall protect you in the shadows and keep you from deaths grasp no matter what I must sacrifice to do so" -OB