+ Formerly Known As 'The Headsman'


+ Signature Weapons: Carcano Rifle & Cleaver

+Long Range Assassin, Melee When Enraged, Relentless Hunter

+ Birthplace: The Atlantic Coast of Asia

+ Signature Weapons: Dual Double Action Revolvers & Pump Shotgun

+Knives & Close Combat Weaponry

+ Birthplace: Mexico

+ Signature Weapons: Faithful Revolvers, Grey&white Pump Shotgun


+Fist Fighting, Close combat, and Horseback Specialist

+ Veteran Hunter Gatherer 

+ Signature Weapons: Sniper Rifles, Repeaters & His Sacred Jawbone Knife

+Swift, Stealthy Fighter with the Bow & Tomahawk

+ Gifted Freelance Middleman


+Former Network Head of Criminal Intelligence In Saint Denis


+Refugee Smuggle & Escape Contractor

+ Birthplace: Strawberry


+ Signature Weapon: Dynamite


+Melee, Close Range and Explosives Specialist


+Outlaw Since The Age of 14 Years Old 

+ Alias: General Poncheon

+ Signature Weapons: Lemat Revolvers

+ Fighting Style: Strategic, Cavalier


+Birthplace: Lemoyne

+ Veteran Outlaw Gang Experience

+ Signature Weapon: Machete

+ Stealthy, Short-Ranged With Blades

+ Birthplace: Aurora Basin, Tall Trees

+ Signature Weapons: Bow With Fire Arrows and Tomahawk

+Past Occupation: Military WarChief

Vengeance Train - John Debney & Tony Moralestist
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+ Former Hunter & Pelt Trader

+ Excellent Marksman and strategist

+ Always knows how to stay one step ahead of the enemy in wilderness environments