Declan MacIntire


"Born to struggling immigrant parents in search of freedom and opportunity, Declan came from the East, but was raised in the Western Heartlands. After losing his family at a young age to the cruelty of the O'driscoll gang, he vowed to exact his revenge and live by a code of honor. He became a survivor living on his own, managing to rise above complete savagery. While on a reckless solo mission that nearly cost Declan his life, he was saved by a fearsome warrior named Uncas and given a second chance at redemption. With some guidance, he became a master hunter and assassin known as the Headsman. He relives his past frequently, subject to fits of rage. But through Uncas’ teachings, he has learned to embrace a path towards peace and focus, even when surrouned by death. He will do whatever it takes for the survival and protection of the gang."

'The Revenant'


         I was born Irish-american but my father could only afford coming to these lands overseas by making side money with the odriscolls. He would try to only take non lethal jobs  and stay in good favor with them and never spoke of it to me my brother or our mother but we were always worried. Once he saw what those sick bastards would do to innocents and women and children enough times he knew he had to flee with our family to the West. He was granted a loan from a high ranking Odriscoll who knew he was only trying to support us all in America and who trusted him just enough. 

               One night he came home and told us all to pack our things and we knew that something had gone wrong when we saw the blood on his shirt, but we also knew that a day like this would come.. The odriscolls had put a bounty on his head after a job went wrong and they turned on him because he refused to take an innocent life. With too much to lose he had to fight his way out, killing 2 of them, escaping from the rest of their posse. At least 2 other Odriscolls knew it was him. 

               Knowing he owed a large loan on top of that, they put a bounty on my fathers head, and it was personal. We fled far away across the country in hopes of liberty and a new life. Things were normal for 2 whole years after that. Our parents always reassured us that we were safe and nobody would come looking for us out West. Until one day they showed up right at our front door. 

               They overpowered us and took my brother hostage. Threatening to kill him if we didnt cooperate. They tied him and my mother up and made us all watch as they murdered our father in cold blood. They spoke about his past, disrespecting his honor like the pathetic cowards they are, ready to turn on anyone for money.. I broke free from one of the goons and moved to another room while most of them were outside. In my parents room I found my father's hunting cleaver and cut the Odriscoll chasing me in the leg stomach and took his finger off. I barely got away and could only watch from the trees as they rode off. Choking back the rage and tears I vowed to have my revenge and find my mother and brother one day, killing every last odriscoll with a pulse if they got in my way. 



    Years passed as I grew up on my own, learning to live off the land and doing whatever I had to do for survival and money. One day, now as an adept hunter, I came across an Odriscoll gang hideout, I knew I had to search it. Going in alone I killed 4 of them with my knives and cleaver, bloodlusting at the thought of their leader and my brother being amongst them somewhere. I was discovered and out numbered 20 to 1. They flanked me and knocked me out, I knew it was over and I would die without my revenge or my family.

           When I woke up, it wasnt to torture tactics from the Odriscolls, but two native warriors. One dark and well dressed, the other looked like he was born from these wild American lands himself. With a bow on his back, he handed me my weapon back and the gunfire in the background let me know the fight wasnt over. We looked at eachother and nodded. I shook the pain off and remembered why I was there. I charged at the nearest odriscoll bloodlusting as i tackled him to the ground and slammed my blade straight into his face as the blood washed my hands. I watched as my new allies took out the rest of the scum in the camp, leaving their leader for last. It wasnt the man who killed my father, but the leader of the native born warriors dropped him in front of me as if he already knew my past. He said "I am called Uncas, and this kill is yours brother.." 


               To this day I roam the west with my new family, searching for my next mark. Living by a code of honor, born from the wild. I know my mother will have passed by now, but I am hopeful that my lost brother is still out there, hoping that he didnt become a slave, a savage, or worse, an Odriscoll. Either way we will ride for honor and glory, and promise the buzzards a feast.