I earned my name as a boy from the Makwa Tribe. My people lived in a time of war between a rival tribe in our home known as Tall Trees. When I was a boy, my mother was walking in the woods teaching me of the vast types of berries we had in our territory, hoping I would follow the footsteps of my father and become our Tribes Healer as I grew older rather than become a warrior as many do in our Tribe. We were on our way back to the village until I heard a growl from a nearby Bear, mother told me to leave it be and to hurry back to the village as it was dangerous. Stubborn as I was I ran to see what was wrong and there I saw it a mythical creature as beautiful as two Hawks soaring freely against the wind: a rare White Bear. The bear was trapped in a cage, by this group of people I never encountered in our territory before. These men had skin as white as the snow. Terrified I immediately ran up to the cage and unleashed the bear to free her. These white men started to make loud banging noises from these devices I have never seen or heard before. I immediately pulled out the dagger my father gifted me and started attacking these men, the bear was savagely tearing apart the group of men. My mother stared at me with a disappointed look on her face but at the same time relieved that I was able to fight off an unknown enemy as she knew I was born to be a fighter.

Wahkan Makostah


"The Spirit Warrior known as Sacred White Bear is a young man who was born during war, and thrived on the deaths of his enemies alongside his spirit Guide known as Nola the white bear. Through his sacrifice to save his Tribe he now wanders the lands with The Born Brothers Gang trying to find peace and balance with his new tribe, so others may find their way during these dark times of change."


'The Commissar'

  • Expert rifleman & Bowman

  • Holds all members to a high standard

  • Has a deep level of respect for nature and the wildlife that inhabits it

  • Loves a good fist fight

            As I get up off the ground body covered in blood, I looked over and see the Bear charging at me with the loudest roar anyone has heard, it shook the ground beneath me and made the trees whisper in fear.

I stared at the Bear in the eyes and showed it that I was in peace with it. As I closed my eyes expecting life to end, nothing happened. I open my eyes to find the Bear laying in front of me, hurt with a blade dug into her strong coat. I gently reach out with my hand and placed it on her forehead. I felt a strong connection with her. I pulled the blade away, it only caused a small cut as if it was nothing but a thorn.

             Mother screamed as she looked off into the distance, smoke coming from our village. I looked at the White bear and asked her to be my spirit guide in battle. I charged to the village, followed by my new companion. There about 30 white men, Burning huts, and killing my tribe even the women and children. I knew I was destined to be a warrior. I engaged in battle along with my friend killing and slaughtering the group as we did earlier except we fight as if we were one. The tribes war chiefs arrived along with our great warriors to the aftermath of the chaos. They saw a fierce warrior and saw that I had the gift of loyalty from the White Bear. There they granted me the name of Wahkan Makostah.

       Throughout the years I became a great Warchief leading the fight against the White men and invading tribes from the East. Countless of battles won and Lives lost. Our numbers were thinning as the White man's creations were too powerful against our spears, and arrows. I decided to find peace with the Dakota tribe who was coming into our land, as we fought off this never ending force.

      That is when I found out that the Dakota tribe was being pushed out of their homes by the same men we have been fighting Against which is why they were moving west, and did not know who to trust. I spent a a years time among them learning of their ways of peace and war, where I learned the White mans language from a clan of people who call themselves Mountain Men, Among them was a man who says he journeyed from a far away land named Russia that was across the endless sea..


         He had much honor and would help Natives that were struggling and being decimated by the American Army's actions. This Russian man went by the name of William Brezhnev who called himself the Tribes Commissar which in his homeland was a man who would be in charge of the political aspects of the people, and so he brought that piece from his home country with him and has enacted that role for his tribe of Mountain Men. I was inspired by his method and beliefs of looking out for his people as well as the native men and woman from these lands also teaching me that there needs to be a balance between war and peace unless of course his people were in danger, I even learned that he was friends with a man named Monroe who was a member of the American Army who would help the natives and mountain men with vital information such as medicine transports and plans of attack against the natives and so forth; I see now that not all men are Dishonorable in even the most evilest of forces. I came to the understanding that these Natives and even the Mountain Men just wanted to live on with nothing more than peace which lead them to even accept offers of a peace treaty between the Army and Tribesmen. The Army however would constantly break this treaty by raiding camps, even if there were no deaths they masked their actions by speaking lies claiming it was to help the soldiers to better protect the Natives Sacred lands, that is what was making the Dakota Tribe migrate to my lands, and even the Mountain Men were ready to attack the Army if they caused further harm.

          Seeing the Dakota Tribe, struggle and allowing the American army to disrespect their land and people all for a treaty to keep the peace. I could not allow my people to fall the same way. My companion and I were almost home when we came across a camp near our village. I snuck into their camp to see almost 100 men with bigger guns, and carriages. I knew I could not fight them alone. We retreated.


         Once in my village I told the Chief and my father what I encountered. The War Chiefs wanted to stay and fight, my father knew of a place up North where they would not be able to follow. As much as I wanted to defend our home, I knew we were fighting a losing war, our numbers diminishing there were just too many of them. I agreed with father as I've witnessed many deaths, and I knew my spirit guide was tired of fighting, she deserved peace in her life. I wanted nothing more than for my mother, father, wife with child and tribe to live in peace and prosper.


          As my village was packing to leave, the Army ambushed us in a surprise attack, leaving no time I told the Chief to leave, along with the Tribe. I asked my bear to go with them for protection. They begged me to stay but I told them that as a strong spirit warrior I was unable to retreat from this battle until my people were safe, that if I fall may the many generations hear of my story. I will either die or live on as a Legend to inspire the Makwa Tribe. I told my wife to give my son or daughter their name the same way I earned mine (Reference to my character in Red Dead 1 “brave Buffalo”), I kissed her goodbye, and I Thanked my spirit animal for her loyalty and the opportunity to share a love that was unbreakable.


          The men charged at me, I fought them off with several traps in our home, once They were done I had to attack with arrows and poisoned hatchets. I went in accepting death, I just needed to hold them off until I knew my people were safe. As the insides and decapitated bodies of my enemies filled the floors, one of the men shot my arm with a revolver, I stopped as I have never been hit before, I gaze upon my own blood for the first time, as another bullet hit me in the chest followed by another I looked up in the cloudy sky laughing as it began to pour rain. I raged on killing the two men. As I grew weak I fell to my knees I saw the signal from my people and the fierce roar from my companion indicating they were safe.

            With no energy left a man with a sword approached me, swinging to finish me off, I heard a roaring sound of water filling the dried River. The man with the sword flinched as he turned slicing the side of my face deep. He was knocked down by the current barely missing me. All the Army men retreated and I could no longer keep my eyes open, I fade away feeling satisfied.


            I awake to find a Man who's name is Uncas, he reveals to me that he disassembled the Damn unleashing the force that was withheld from the waterfalls. I thank him as he healed my wounds and took care of me. He spoke of hearing the legend of White Bear and that I was needed. I refused as I had to make sure the leader of the group of Army men would not follow my people. Uncas said he had a gift for me, but that I could only receive it if I listened to what he needed to say. He was mysterious and curiosity got the best of me. I agreed.


       Uncas told me that the same is happening to all tribes from the lands that surround us, and that not all tribes were lucky enough to escape, he had a grim and saddened expression; I could tell he had experienced great loss. I was needed to not fight the White men, but to help others from all types of tribes and people to survive in this world. That I was needed to help guide others who wish to help Uncas mission and those who wished to call our group home and be part of a family. I did not fully understand what he was speaking of but I was still hearing him. He continued to say that “times were changing and that I may not fully understand what I am hearing but as time goes on all with make sense brother”.


        I refused as I could not leave my tribe to fight off the following Army men, he chuckled and dragged out the Man with the Sword. Uncas said to me “not only did I release the waterfalls to save you, I also did it to kill off the entire group of men that were left standing. The Only survivor was their leader known as Colonel Grimshaw” he told me that my tribes safety would be guaranteed once Grimshaw was dead as no one would know which way they went. That once the life escaped from his body I must release all of the hatred, vengeance, and bloodlust within me and continue on. He was very wise, as I turn to the Colonel I rub my wounded face and fed my blood to him, I told him that “I may let go of my bloodlust for you on this night, but it will follow you in the afterlife”, as I slit his throat with my gifted dagger.


      Uncas gave me an option now that my family was safe, I either go back to them and Live in Peace as I wish them to be, or become a ghost and allow them to tell tales of me and my legends of sacrifice in order to help others less fortunate than us. I believed in his cause and wanted to see what the future holds for us and this journey of ours. I saw that he had lost everything but he continued to accept others who are different and wanted to help those who needed a family of their own using a balanced mind of war and peace. I owed Uncas not only for saving me, but also for guaranteeing the safety of my people.

     I accepted his offer and told him I would never leave his side until my last breath. That we will honor our people and allow others to have a home. He stood up away from the fire and told me it was time to go, that it was time to meet his right hand man who is named Chesmu "where we must discuss your place with us". Chesmu was well educated and had a great amount of knowledge.

      He welcomed me with open arms and was glad that the great White Bear Wahkan Makostah joined his family. There i spoke to them about my findings of the events that took place with the Dakota Tribe and how i respected a Mountain Man i met among them. It was then they granted me the title of Commissar to honor William Brezhnev and his actions of true honor, sacrifice, and respect for our fellow tribesmen.

They are my people and on this day of blood, battle, sacrifice and acceptance we are Born Brothers.