'The Wiseman'

  • Hunter Gatherer

  • Feels his people are a tribe and are equal to each other.

  • Deeply believes in honor above everything else.

  • Never wants his people to go through what he did as a child.

  • Wields Ironhide's Tomahawk

"Being the sole survivor of his people, it haunted him everyday, he channeled it to be a leader for the lost. By being charismatic, and having an incredible ability to inspire loyalty. Never leaving anybody behind no matter the consequences was something witnessed by all of his followers. Memories of his tribe guide his wisdom just as much as his brother’s council. Uncas’s main reason for doing anything is to keep his people safe alive and together."


          I was born in the forests of Ambarino, my people believed in peace and helping one another. We were hunter gatherers before all this. I miss that way of life and my people every second I’m breathing. Every night I wake up sweating in a panic, plagued with nightmares of what happened to my tribe. Reliving every moment of that day. 


              36 years ago I was just a child thinking I was already a man. Today I would prove to my tribe I could hunt the cougar who had killed a small boy of our tribe while he picked raspberries. The tracks were still fresh. I hunted this cougar for two days, waiting for the right moment to strike. At last I saw it when the cougar fell asleep on a short stone cliff. I readied my bow and shot knowing I wouldn’t miss. The arrow hit the cougar in the closed eye and it didn’t move. It had a peaceful death, I ran to its body and said “I am sorry to kill you brother but you killed one of my tribe, your meat will feed us, your pelt will keep us warm at night, we honor your strength and speed.” I skinned the cougar and cut up the meat then tied it to my back. 

            It took me half a day to get home but something was wrong. For the first time in my life I could hear horrible screams from our camp and smell a strange odor in the air along with smoke. I used everything my tribe had taught me to sneak into camp and see what was going on. My eyes saw things I can never unsee, bodies stacked up, bodies hung up and bodies skinned, all of my people, tears gripped me. One of my tribes men were tied up but couldn’t see who it was from where I was so I moved in closer while these honor less cannibals feasted on my tribes shaman laughing as they ate the cooked meat of a human. Once I got to my tribesmen I saw it was Ironhide, the strongest of our tribe, furry burned through his eyes. I cut him loose with my hunting knife and before I knew it, he picked up a tomahawk and charged at all of them while roaring with a bloodlust I’ve yet to see again. I instantly followed screaming in rage as we fought as one.

           A dozen or so cannibals laid at our feet but two stood before us stronger than the rest. We were tired, drained of our strength and wind but we couldn’t stop now. Ironhide screamed “You have no honor”! Then charged at both of them, hitting one with his shoulder to the side, I followed and tackled that one. As we both fought our honorable 1v1s I felt the rage build up in me fueling my wind and strength back up. I fought this pathetic cannibal with everything I had. He hit me in the nose with a bone mace, I staggered, looked him in the eyes and stabbed him in the gut, as he screamed with pain he swung the bone mace at my head again, bam bam bam I felt the blood rushing down my face, barely able to breath anymore but not letting go of the knife, the cannibal kicked me. I feel the control of my body slipping, falling to the ground. I reach out towards Ironhide. Ironhide looks at me while still fighting and screams “Uncas”! I tried to stand up but couldn’t, I was too weak. Ironhide was now fighting them both, he grabbed the knife I stuck into the cannibal’s gut and used it to stab


his head into the fire. The other one grabbed Ironhide by the neck from behind while laughing but Ironhide swung his head back and the final cannibal was dazed for a split second. Ironhide flipped around ready to kill him when next thing you know the cannibal pulls out a weapon I had never seen before and it makes a loud bang. Ironhide falls to his knees looking at me as if he failed me. The cannibal walks up to Ironhide and says “your way of life is over, I’ll enjoy eating you”. I began to crawl towards them both. Ironhide screamed at the top of his lungs and grabbed the cannibal by his throat with all his power, 4 more loud bangs went off but Ironhide didn’t stop until the cannibal hit the ground, no breath left. Ironhide says f...o..r... o...u...r... tribe and then falls to the ground. I crawled to him, grabbed his hand and just laid there. When I was able to I buried him and our entire tribe. I took Ironhide’s tomahawk, then the weapon from the last cannibal, and gathered the cougars hide and meat then walked away from the only place I ever knew as my home. 

            Cant think of that now we have work to do, each of you is my brother and my tribe as I am yours. Nothing in this world will take that away from us. Together we are more than strong and have formed a bond of iron.